Be Careful What You Ask For….You Just Might Get It

When we start one of our DailyFX Trading Courses, we ask new students to introduce themselves and let us know a little bit about their trading interests.

If you take their explanations at face value, you would be surprised at what you hear. Some are there for the excitement of trading, while others are there because they didn’t like the stock market or other similar reasons. There are times when I want to remind them to be careful what they ask for as many times they are not focusing on developing a consistent, profitable approach to trading. Many experienced traders believe that everyone gets what they want out of trading, they just don’t realize it. Trading can be very exciting, win or lose. As soon as you leave the stock market, you are out. But neither really set the goal of improving profitability. That may be fine, but if you are there to be a profitable trader, do what profitable traders do. You may find it to be quite boring….but professionals find excitement in other places, not necessarily in the financial markets. Be specific about your goals and you may find that you can achieve incredible things.