Dollar Ends Mixed Across G-10 Commodity Currencies by GoLearnForex

The Dollar ended the week mixed across the G-10 with commodity currencies advancing while the remaining G-10 currencies suffered minor losses.  Global Equity Markets finished the week in positive territory although Futures are pointing towards a slightly lower open.

Gold finished the week ahead at 1,118.70 while Oil lost a little over $3 a barrel to close at 76.35. The Bond Market capped a stellar week with the U.S Government auctioning an additional $81 billion in notes and bonds.

In Japan, GDP figures are set to print Sunday night.  Forecasters are looking for a slight increase in Annualized GDP figures.  On the docket for tomorrow we have Retails Sales set to publish in the U.S.  This may be a real market mover, as traders will use this as a barometer for the impact unemployment  will have on the economy.  Additionally, this will shape expectations for the popular Holiday season Forecasts.

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USD    Core Retail Sales (MoM)    Forecast   0.40%  Previous  0.50% 
USD    Retail Sales (MoM)    Forecast  1.00%  Previous  -1.50% 
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