VPS: Trading Automatically

Would you be able to keep a PC on for 24 hours with the bot always running and keeping on making profits? It’s true, you are faced with a tough question. Many people try to make money from the Forex market. But, and I don’t want to scare you, remember that it’s not easy to make money by sitting comfortably at home. 90% of those who make transactions on the Forex market lose money.

Investing and succeeding in the currency market is not so easy. The worst enemies of a trader are the desire to earn more and more and the lack of experience, especially under certain market conditions. But, sometimes, you can even be afraid of what may happen. If you want to increase your chances to win or at least not to lose money, rely on Expert Advisors. They are “Robots”, if you allow me to use this term, that are able to open and close positions on the basis of our guidelines, while maintaining the right market strategy. The Expert Advisor uses technical indicators to enter and exit the market, and operates 24 hours a day. It’s a fully automated system that can ensure a successful trading. You have to do only one but very important thing. If you give the correct “commands” to the “robot”, you can ensure yourself some good successes at the end of the day and in the long run. Now, though, let’s see what the drawbacks are of committing a PC to the MetaTrader with EA for automated trading.

Trading only with a desktop computer or only at a specific physical location

If you have a desktop PC, not a laptop, you could have the big problem of having to interrupt your trades when you have to obligatorily turn the PC off. Why not continuing to earn even while you are not physically at your workplace? Today we don’t live in the Middle Ages and, therefore, we can easily buy a laptop, or rely on a broker that also supports mobile commerce. What if you just didn’t like the interface of the mobile version of the broker or your trusted broker didn’t offer an online trading platform yet? Simple, let’s rely on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). In the next section we will explain better what it is about. So, you can have access to your favorite trading platform wherever you are, in a hotel or internet cafe, as long as you have a network connection.

Forex VPS

Trading on your PC while you are doing other things

If your trades are automatic, you can continue to operate even if you are not at the PC and you’re doing something else on your computer. If the automated system works well even without your monitoring, you can let it continue to make money for you. Even if you are not focused on it and you are not online.
If you trade at any time of the day, even though when you are not confined to your own desk, by entrusting to a VPS (Virtual Private Server), you can trade from anywhere. In addition, since the system can perform tasks even if your computer is off, you might conclude excellent trades while you are asleep.

Lots of safety

The VPS (Virtual Private Server) offered by the best companies guarantee maximum safety. The servers used are regularly checked to ensure that they work. Moreover, most of them offer an uptime of 99.9 percent. What’s more, you could also receive, included in the package, antivirus and other tools to ensure that the system is not vulnerable and, therefore, that it’s safe.

More speed

And if someone did the work for you? Maybe faster? It would make no sense to do tasks manually, now that trading is highly automated. A VPS can perform a task faster than you or your pc can. The VPS provides greater speed and therefore more profit possibilities. And above all, it guarantees fewer errors in executing the trading operation. As we all know, the “slippage” costs money, often a lot, and, therefore, we are dealing with a great way to reduce losses and unpredictability.

VPS – Virtual Private Server

But fortunately there is a solution, and it’s called VPS. The Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine hosted by a web farm accessible from any computer connected to the Internet, regardless of the operating system. A good provider able to offer a VPS dedicated to trading is Hosting Stak, which provides us with access to a comprehensive product for Forex Trading with expert advisors. However, remember that the components of each VPS (band, RAM memory, hard disk size) may be increased and the cost rises progressively with the add-ons that you may buy. There are no limits in creating profit. On the VPS it is possible to run multiple platforms simultaneously (the more expensive and performing the VPS is, the more platforms may be run) and the platform should not necessarily be the MetaTrader 4 or 5.


ForexStak by Hosting Stak is a high performance Forex VPS. A system that will allow you to trade with more confidence, without being afraid of losing money or even drying your account out, and above all to devote much more time to you and your family. It’s provided with root access, to guarantee greater speed and compatibility with most popular FX software, support, Windows 2012 r2 Essentials, a big network and secure datacenters monitored 24/7. Moreover, Hosting Stak guarantees downloads and uploads at very high speed around the world and anytime during the day, with a 8 TB bandwidth. The control panel is web-based with unlimited access to manage each VPS instance. Hosting Stak servers have a 99.9% uptime. In addition, Hosting Stak ensures that any type of disruption will be resolved in the shortest time possible. You don’t have to fear for safety with Hosting Stak, because there is a complete separation between the different VPS. In addition, the Forex VPS are equipped with Anti-DDoS and Raid Protected.