Learn to trade better in 33 minutes, FREE

New traders think trading is easy. Just ask those who got started in a bull market, as millions of people did in the pandemic. “Buy and hold,” baby!

But all bull markets end, so when a little over a year ago Bitcoin — and stocks, and bonds — all turned south, the reality hit:

To win in up AND down markets, you need to know when to buy AND when to sell.

Our friends at Elliott Wave International want to help you become one of those few traders with a method that works whatever the trend.

In just 33 minutes, FREE ($99 value), their on-demand trading course, “Why Wave Analysis Belongs in Every Trader’s Toolbox…Yours, Too” reveals:

  • How Elliott waves show you when the trend is about to change
  • How you can quickly see short- and long-term trends on a chart
  • How you can spot the highest-confidence setups

In this free course you’ll see real charts of real markets, including ADIMO and ZM.

Expect to come away with practical knowledge you can put to work instantly — and more confidence than ever before.

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Who is Elliott Wave International?
EWI is the world’s largest independent technical analysis firm. Founded by Robert Prechter in 1979, EWI helps investors and traders to catch market opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls before others even see them coming. Their unique perspective and high-quality analysis have been their calling card for nearly 40 years, featured in financial news outlets such as Fox Business, CNBC, Reuters, MarketWatch and Bloomberg.