60% stocks, 40% bonds? Ha!

By Elliott Wave International

In his February 2022 book, Last Chance to Conquer the Crash, Robert Prechter said:

Countless advisors have counseled “diversification,” a “balanced portfolio” and other end-all solutions to the problem of allocating your investments. These approaches are delusional. … No investment strategy will provide stability forever.

That certainly has applied to the classic 60% stocks / 40% bonds portfolio this year.

On Oct. 14, a Reuters headline said:

’60/40′ Portfolios Are Facing Worst Returns in 100 Years: BofA

Of course, everyone knows that stocks are risky, but many investors expect bonds to provide a cushion in case equities slide into a downtrend. And, indeed, the stock market has been trending lower since January.

But bond prices have taken a hit, too. A BIG one. As you probably know, bonds prices decline when yields rise and that’s what’s taken place.

You may find it hard to believe, but Elliott wave patterns and sentiment readings in the bond markets warned of this. For example, the July 2021 Elliott Wave Theorist, a monthly publication (since 1979) which analyzes financial markets and major cultural trends, showed this chart and said:

U.S. Treasury bill rates have edged closer and closer to zero for over a year. The complacency about the nonexistent T-bill yield in the face of unprecedented inflating by the government and the Fed is truly amazing. … The Fed’s cavalier inflating is borne of optimism. … When optimism and complacency finally melt like popsicles in the sun, the lines in [the chart] will turn up.

During that same month / year (July 2021), The New York Times ran this headline:

Federal Reserve Officials Project Rate Increases in 2023 [emphasis added]

This next chart of the 6-month U.S. Treasury bill yield, which published in the Nov. 18, 2022 Elliott Wave Theorist, shows what we all know: Rates began to turn up more than a year before 2023 and then soared higher.

The question now is: What’s next?

Elliott wave analysis answered this question before, and it can help you answer it now.

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