Reserve Your Free Seat: Classic Robert Prechter Presentation Rebroadcast

Over the past two decades, many markets have seen huge rallies and plunges. Each time, the media blames the big moves on something outside the market.

You’ve seen it.

In the case of crude oil, for example, the mainstream blames the big waves on changes in supply and demand, and more recently, the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Does the evidence support the conclusion?

Our friends at Elliott Wave International prepared a free rebroadcast event that goes straight at this question, with no holds barred.

You’ll see EWI’s inimitable president Robert Prechter reveal some eye-opening charts — some going back to the first oil well — for answers in this classic, 30-minute presentation filmed back in 2016.

The lessons can be applied to any liquid market — cryptos, commodities, stocks, bonds and more.

Whatever the vehicle, Prechter’s seminal insights help viewers sweep aside the noise and discover what’s really going on in these big moves.

The 30-minute video sells for $109 in EWI’s online store. You can watch if FREE when you reserve your seat to their rebroadcast event on Thursday, March 17 at 2:00 PM Eastern (NY time).

Reserve Your Free Seat: “99% Investors Are Falling for This….Are You?”

Who is Elliott Wave International?
EWI is the world’s largest independent technical analysis firm. Founded by Robert Prechter in 1979, EWI helps investors and traders to catch market opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls before others even see them coming. Their unique perspective and high-quality analysis have been their calling card for nearly 40 years, featured in financial news outlets such as Fox Business, CNBC, Reuters, MarketWatch and Bloomberg.