EUR/USD Technical Analysis. Support And Resistance Levels For January 25th/2011


Breakout Buy level : 1.3712.
Strong Resistance : 1.3703.
Original Resistance : 1.3689.
Inner Sell Area : 1.3675.
Target Inner Area : 1.3639.
Inner Buy Area : 1.3603.
Original Support : 1.3589.
Strong Support : 1.3575.
Breakout Sell level : 1.3566.



At the early morning the EUR/USD was trading between 1.3625 and 1.3650; but suddenly this pair broke up the 1.3675 level and returned to downside again; this situation caused this pair to form a Double Topin the intraday timeframe. Today we must pay attention for these two critical levels: 1.3625 and 1.3675.


BUY   if the EUR/USD can break out and close above the 1.3685, set 1.3700 as the first target and 1.3725 as the second target.

SELL if the EUR/USD can break out and close below the 1.3625, set 1.3600 as the first target and 1.3575 as the second target.


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