WAGMI Games Sitting Within Extreme Reversal Levels

WAGMI Games is a pioneering Web3 transmedia entertainment franchise that aims to achieve mass adoption by seamlessly integrating mobile gaming, deep lore, and immersive storytelling. Its mission is to bridge the gap between the worlds of Web3 and Web2 by delivering an unparalleled entertainment experience and fostering a strong community of players and enthusiasts.

In this video bog, we’ll explore the daily Elliott Wave structure taking place and explain the potential outcome based on the theory.

Last year, WAGMIrallied within an impulsive 5 waves advance and it ended that cycle in wave ((1)) on December 2023. Based on the Elliott Wave theory, after a 5 waves move, a corrective pullback takes place in 3 , 7 or 11 swings before the market resume the main trend.

WAGMI correction from the peak is currently unfolding within a corrective 3 waves ZigZag structure and it’s already trading lower within wave 5 of (C) entering the final phase of the decline. The coin already reached the equal legs area at $0.0000104 – $0000045 and it’s only missing one more leg to the downside before ending the correction.

The blue box showing in our chart is a technical area where we expect WAGMIto end the ZigZag Structure then turn to the upside in a proposed wave ((3)) or at least bounce in 3 waves from there. Consequently, investors are expected to start buying and  accumulating around these level in anticipation for the daily reversal to take place.

Elliott Wave ZigZag Structure

WAGMI Daily Chart 6.19.2024

WAGMI Games 2024-06-19

Source: https://elliottwave-forecast.com/video-blog/wagmi-games-extreme-levels/