Can you make a big profit by using chart pattern trading technique

The new traders are always trying their best to secure big profits from this market. Even after learning all the details of this market, they find it hard to earn a decent amount of money. This is where the chart pattern trading strategy comes into action. Without having a precise knowledge of the trading strategy, it’s really hard to make a consistent profit.

Being a rookie trader, you need to learn about chart pattern trading system from scratch. Once you learn to trade the market with an extreme level of precision, you can easily make a decent profit from this market. After reading this article you can easily make a decent profit from by using the chart pattern trading strategy.

Daily and weekly time frame analysis

Never think you can make a decent profit by using lower time frame trading strategy. You must analyze the data in the daily or weekly time frame to find the best possible trade setups. Things might seem extremely boring at the initial stage but once you learn to trade the major chart pattern in the higher time frame, you can easily make a decent profit. Some of you might say a higher time frame trading strategy is extremely boring. This statement is true. Trading is the most boring profession in today’s world. Unless you develop your patience level, it’s very hard to make a profit from this market.

When you look for potential chart pattern in the daily and weekly time frame, make sure you focus on the continuation chart pattern. Some of you might analyze the data in a low-end trading platform but this will significantly increase the risk factors in trading. You need to find the best Forex Australia broker to ensure premium trading environment. Never trade with the low-end broker to cut down your trading cost.

Use of Japanese candlestick pattern

There are two types of traders in the Forex market. Those who trade breakouts are known as aggressive traders. On the contrary, those who trade the market with stable mentality are known as a conservative trader. To make a decent profit from by using the chart pattern trading strategy you must become a conservative trader. Never try to trade the market with aggression. It’s better to stay in the sideline rather than losing money on low-quality trades. Learn the use of Japanese candlestick pattern so that you can easily execute quality trades and make a decent profit. Learning to trade the Japanese candlestick pattern is a very challenging task. Unless you work super hard it will be nearly impossible to change your life based on trading.

Trade with managed risk

Without following the managed risk in trading, it’s nearly impossible to make a consistent profit. You might know the details of chart pattern trading strategy still you need to limit your risk exposure in every possible way. Stop risking more than 2% of your account balance since it increases the risk to a great extent. By following the conservative trading technique you will become better at trading. Try to trade the continuation chart pattern at the initial stage since it will help you to make a better decision in the real market. Once you feel confident with your trading performance, focus on the reversal chart pattern trading strategy. But always remember, no one knows which trade will hit the potential stop loss. So trade with managed risk to protect your investment.


Everyone wants to become successful at trading. Learning to trade the market is not all hard. If you stick to the basic rules of trading business, you will slowly learn the proper way to trade. Try to think like the pro traders at Rakuten broker. Follow their guideline and trade the market with proper discipline. Set a realistic goal so that you can gradually improve your trading skills.