EURUSD Weekly Analysis – June 18, 2023

The EURUSD currency pair has been trading in a relatively narrow range between 1.0515 and 1.1095, displaying a period of consolidation in recent sessions. This consolidation phase comes after a significant uptrend from the low of 0.9535. Traders are now closely monitoring the price action within this range for a potential breakout, which would determine the next directional move.

As long as the key support level at 1.0515 holds, the current price action within the range can be interpreted as a period of consolidation, serving as a pause in the long-term uptrend. A breakout above the upper boundary at 1.1095 would signal a resumption of the upward momentum and potentially open the door for further gains towards the levels of 1.1400 and 1.1800.

On the downside, if EURUSD experiences a breakdown below the support level at 1.0515, it would indicate a potential completion of the uptrend at the resistance level of 1.1095. This breakdown could trigger a deeper decline in the pair, with the next significant support level located around the 1.0200 area.

Traders are advised to closely monitor the price action and watch for a decisive breakout from the current trading range. A breakout above 1.1095 would indicate a bullish bias and potential buying opportunities, while a breakdown below 1.0515 would suggest a bearish shift and potential selling opportunities.

In conclusion, the EURUSD currency pair is currently trading within a range between 1.0515 and 1.1095, showcasing a period of consolidation. A breakout above the upper boundary would signal a resumption of the uptrend, with targets at 1.1400 and 1.1800. Conversely, a breakdown below the lower boundary would suggest a completion of the uptrend, potentially leading to a deeper decline towards 1.0200. Traders should closely monitor the price action for a decisive breakout and adjust their strategies accordingly.