“The Elliott Wave Crash Course” (Free 3-Video Series)

What if you knew which way the markets should go before the news?

Impossible? On the contrary. You just need to track the real driver of market trends: market psychology.

Market psychology is reflected on price charts in Elliott wave patterns. They show you whether investors have a bullish or bearish bias before the news. That’s how you know what should happen next.

Fresh example: On Sept. 17, at “the most important Fed meeting of the decade,” the Fed left interest rates unchanged. After the news, euro-dollar, the world’s biggest forex market, first went up and then crashed down. Naturally, mainstream analysts attributed the volatility to the Fed’s decision. But we’ve shown to our elliottwave.com readers that wave patterns in EURUSD charts called for that exact “up-down” price sequence well before the Fed’s announcement!

But listen — don’t take our word for it. Try Elliott for yourself and see what kind of results you get.

Our new “Elliott Wave Crash Course” is a series of 3 free videos which give you a solid basis for using Elliott wave analysis in your own trading and investing decisions.

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