Forex-Metal Daily Analysis -25/04/2012

The euro strengthened amid positive results of auctions of Italy, Spain, and Netherlands governments’ bonds.


Asian and European trading sessions:

Euro: During the Asian session the EUR / USD pair traded in a very narrow flat range between $ 1.3145 -$ 1.3158 levels . The couple grew at the beginning of the European session and showed the maxima at the $ 1.3183 area However, the Euro’s growth was limited by the block of economic statistics for the euro area, which did not match the forecasts. Also today, the published by Eurostat report on industrial production in the euro area in February recorded decline of the rate to 1.3% in monthly basis expectations of growth to 1.4 %.The EUR / USD pair dropped into the region of $ 1.3154 which, stepping back, provided the substantial support for the couple. 
US Dollar: The dollar came under pressure due to the positive dynamics of European stock markets. There were also positive expectations of Consumer Confidence and New Home Sales reports which were going to be published today at the American session. 
British Pound: The GBP / USD pair traded pretty much the same as EUR/ USD pair at the Asian session in a very narrow range between $ 1.6105 -$ 1.6128. The Public Sector Net borrowing repot, the result of which in March was higher than expected had a positive impact on the Pound trading dynamics. The GBP / USD pair showed maximum at the $ 1.6157 area. 
Japanese Yen: Onthe backdrop of political problems in Europe the yen rose against all 16 major trded currencies. There investors purchase safe heaven assets today such as the yen due to the political uncertainty in Europe. Indeed, the Japan’s currency rose even against the dollar ahead of a planned speech of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte in the parliament. However, the direction of trading dynamics changed on speculations about the coming Friday’s meeting of the Bank of Japan, which may decide to further easing of its monetary policy. The USD / JPY pair pulled back sharply from session low of Y80.85 and strengthened to the highs Y81, 27. Later, the course fell slightly. 
Australian dollar: Australian currency weakened again today at the Asian session against all its major competitors after the publication of CPI report, which showed that in the first quarter of 2012 the consumer prices have risen by only 1.6 percent versus forecasted 2.2%. The currency was able to recover all its losses, however, at the European session.

American trading session:

Euro: The euro strengthened against most major currencies against the backdrop of good results of the auctions of government bonds of Italy, Spain, and Netherlands, which reduced the number of the concerns of investors about the worsening debt crisis in the Euro region. The EUR/USD pair recorded the session high at the $1.3217 area. 
Oil: The Oil prices received support from a weaker dollar. The cost of the June futures on WTI type of Oil jumped to 104.10 dollars per barrel level after hitting the lows of102.89 dollars per barrel, on NYMEX. 
Gold: May futures of Gold rose today to $ 1648.95 per troy ounce. The Gold prices today were supported by weakening of the US currency as well as the rumors and speculations of the outcome of the FOMC meeting which started also today. The low interest rates, which the Federal Reserve is going to keep, are favorable for Gold prices.


Technical analysis for 25/04


The pair has drawn Double Top. If the pair breaks the figure’s neckline 1.30277 the pair will decline first to 1.28630. 
Resistance: 1.31674, 1.33143, 1.34882 
Support: 1.30277, 1.28630, 1.26897 
The pair has broken 1.60322 and aiming to 1.62050. 
Resistance: 1.62050, 1.63316, 1.64636 
Support: 1.60322, 1.58543, 1.56722 
The pair is trading in the Triangle. Figure’s resistance is 0.92181, support is 0.90498. 
Resistance: 0.92026, 0.93069, 0.93949 
Support: 0.91079, 0.89635, 0.88418 
The pair has tested the Moving Average (500) at 81.399 and may roll back to 80.438. 
Resistance: 81.399, 82.219, 83.065 
Support: 80.438, 79.707, 79.070 
The pair is trading in the range between Moving Averages (100 and 500) 1.04407 and 1.02558. If the pair breaks 1.02558 the pair will decline to 1.01744. 
Resistance: 1.03535, 1.04407, 1.05332 
Support: 1.02558, 1.01744, 1.00907