The US stock market review

On Thursday, the US stock indices were up, where Standard & Poor’s 500 grew to a 17- month high amid the optimistic comments of the Chief Executive Officer of Citigroup; which pushed upwards the financial markets’ stocks and improved the attitude of the investors to the stocks of numerous companies, including Walt Disney and Home Depot.

Dow Jones Industrial Average increased by 44,51 points or by 0,42% to 10611,84 points for the third sequent day, and the reached level was the highest close since January 19. Nasdaq Composite grew by 9,51 points or by 0,40% to 2368,46 points, which was the highest close level since August 28, 2008. Standard & Poor’s 500 was up by 4,63 points or by 0,40% to 1150,24 points, the highest close level since October 1, 2008. Walt Disney showed one of the best results, having ascended by $0.48 or by 1,4% to 33,81. Among the growth leaders were also Home Depot stocks, which grew by $0.42 or by 1,3% to $32,13. The raise of the stocks occurred after Citigroup’s Vikram Pandit, during the conference, forecasted a moderate growth of the banks’ revenues from the assets in 2010. The announced forecast lifted Citigroup approximately by $0.24 or by 6,1% to $4,20. The growth of stock indices on Thursday appeared the most significant change of Dow since Friday, as the current week is marked as a week with low volume of trading and minor stock quotings’ changes.


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