EUR – How Much Longer Dollar Centric?

The EUR lost ground to the USD on Friday as the day came to a close, and it did this as some traders must have been wondering how long the EUR can trade under a dollar centric mode and avoid its own storm clouds. The EUR has been particularly strong the past two months, but many investors believe this has taken place as the Federal Reserve across the Atlantic has done their best to weaken the greenback. Ireland, Greece, Portugal, and other financial dilemmas have not suddenly disappeared and questions do persist about the ability to put the brakes on spending. Austerity measures are being pressed for in Europe, but in many places the public has not particularly looked on changes to social mandates kindly. The German Trade Balance numbers will be published today along with the German Industrial Production results. These numbers will be watched carefully, but the real pressure on the value for the Single Currency will likely depend on what takes place among the European bourses today.

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