Mastercard Incorporated (MA) Favors Higher & Remain Supported

Mastercard Incorporated (MA), provides transaction processing & other payment-related products & services in the United states & internationally. It facilitates the processing of payment transactions, including authorization, clearing & settlement, as well as delivers other payment related products & services. It is headquartered in New York, comes under Financial Services sector & trades as “MA” ticker at NYSE.

MA made an all time high of $401.50 as impulse sequence (I) higher from 2007 low. It placed (II) as double correction at $276.87 low & favors higher in (III), which confirms above (I).

MA – Elliott Wave Latest Weekly View: 

In (I) impulse sequence, it placed wave I at $347.25 high in February-2020. It corrected lower in II at $199.99 low in March-2020 during global sell-off. Above there, it resumed higher in III, which ended at $367.25 high as the part of diagonal in (I). It corrected lower in IV at $281.20 low. Finally, it ended V at $401.50 high as (I) in April-2021 high. Below there, it placed w of (II) at $306 low, x at $399.92 high & y at $276.87 low as (II) in October-2022.

Above (II) low, it favors higher in (III), which confirms above (I) high. As the most aggressive view, it placed ((1)) of I at $390 high & ((2)) at $340.21 low as around 0.382 Fibonacci retracement. It placed (1) of ((3)) at $392.20 high & (2) at 357.85 low. It favors higher in 1 of (3) of ((3)) of I & favors further upside, while dips remain above (2) low. Alternatively, as less aggressive view it can see two more highs to finish (1) started from ((2)) low, before correcting in (2) followed by upside in (3) of ((3)). It is showing higher high since (II) low & once breaks above (I) high, it confirms the next bullish sequence, which should remain supported in 3, 7 or 11 swings pullback at extreme areas.