NZDUSD Trading Signal

Hi dear traders,

Hope you all are OK and safe. Fortunately for money purposes, we ended up with profits in our last position, unfortunately, all these wild changes and volatility happened because of the war. Without going into politics, is sad that wars still occur in 2022. I know is not the only conflict around the world, heck, my own country is super violent, but exactly because of that, what we needed the less, was another war.

Today’s position seems risky, but I like that a trend is already there. Hence, we might get some money, we might not. There’s another one I like, but it still seems undecided to take a clear decision. Anyway…

Let’s check the market:


SELL it @0.68253, down to 0.6820 is still OK. TP @0.677 and SL @0.69255.

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