$RYA : Ryanair – Discounter Airline Stock is Flying into 2021

Ryanair Holding plc is an Irish low-cost airline holding. It consists of Ryanair DAC, Ryanair UK, Buzz and Malta Air. Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, it is the largest European airline provider by the numbers of passengers. Investors can trade it under the ticker $RYA at London Stock Exchange, $RY4C at Euronext and also under $RYAAY at NASDAQ.

Ryanair DAC as the main part of the holding family is known for controversies, but the success of the airline, without any doubt, remains in its contemporary price policy model. Indeed, similarly to the company CEO O’Leary, rising numbers of customers see the main function of an airline today to bring passengers from A to B both safe and on-time, the same way as a taxi does. Recently, Ryanair has attracted a strong attention by promoting summer vacation flights. These can be booked now since, according to Ryanair, the Europeans should be already vaccinated by then. Will the anticipation of the 2021 traffic promote the stock price to the new highs?

Ryanair Monthly Elliott Wave Analysis 01.10.2021

The monthly chart below shows the Ryanair stock $RYA traded at London Stock Exchange. From the all-time lows, the stock price is showing a cycle higher in blue wave (I) of super cycle degree. It has ended by printing the all-time highs in August 2017 at 19.78. After 5 waves higher in the wave (I), the correction in 3 swings lower within wave (II) has ended in March 2020 at 8.05.

From the March 2020 lows, a new cycle higher in blue wave (III) might be already in progress. Breaking above 19.78 highs from August 2017 will confirm that. The target for wave (III) will be 27.83-40.05 and even higher.

Ryanair Elliott Wave Monthly

Ryanair Daily Elliott Wave Analysis 01.10.2021

The daily chart below shows in more detail the first stages of the advance higher in wave (III). From the March 2020 lows at 8.05, the stock price is nesting. Firstly, one can see a leading diagonal in black wave ((1)) and a consolidation lower within wave ((2)). Then, another leading diagonal as a blue wave (1) and a wave (2) lower are forming a second nest within black wave ((3)). From the 11.27 lows, the advance higher might bea third nest. Indeed, price action in the world indices support this view. Now, it is a known feature of an unfolding impulsive price action to demonstrate an extension towards 1.618 of the previous first waves and even beyond. Therefore, prices can demonstrate soon an acceleration higher. This will surprise many observers amid the current COVID lockdowns in Europe.

Without any doubt, current stock price does possess a high attractivity for investors. While above 8.05 lows, they can anticipate Ryanair to break above 19.78 highs targeting 27.83-40.05 area.

Ryanair Elliott Wave Monthly

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