Traders Identity, The Key to Succeed in Trading.

Trading is a profession that many enter with big dreams, we all have been guilty one way or the other of the illusion of making a living out of trading. Many aspects are part of a trader been able to success like self-control, greed, fear among them. We believe that one of the most important aspects for a trader to know and control is Identity.
Identity by definition is who you are, the way you think about yourself, the way you are viewed by the world and the characteristics that define you.
The market is by nature an entity which tests each trader into the most possible extremes, we fear to lose, we want more, we want to make money fast, we live a dream many times. Many traders do not understand the nature of the Market which many ways is needed to relate to each trader own nature or Identity. Market comes with combinations of time frames and this is aspect in which many fail to understand the oscillations and how each trader is not suitable for each time frame, as we always have said the lower the hardest it becomes, but also the stronger the trader mentality needs to be because of the number of oscillations.

Elliott wave Theory cycle degrees is represented as follow:
Grand Super Cycle: multi-century
Super Cycle: multi-decade (about 40–70 years)
Cycle: one year to several years (or even several decades under an Elliott Extension)
Primary: a few months to a couple of years
Intermediate: weeks to months
Minor: weeks
Minute: days
Minuette: hours
Subminuette: minutes

As we can see, the lower the degree the lower the time frame, but also the hardest it gets, let us explain the most popular degrees.
Intermediate is a degree which can be traded in the Monthly or Weekly chart and trade can last a year more and less, this type of trade is very reliable due to the fact that in one year there is only 12 months and 52 weeks which indicated 12 monthly charts or 52 weekly charts.
Minors, is a degree which can be seen in the Weekly and Daily charts and is very reliable, there are 52 Weekly charts and 365 Daily charts.
Minutes is a degree which is also reliable because can be seen in the Daily charts and 4 Hour charts, there are 365 Daily charts and 1248 4 Hours charts.
Below this degree, the Market becomes more dangerous and consequently more demanding of discipline and self-understanding of each one strength and weakness. Every single tool of Technique will be tested to a higher degree because the number of oscillations will increase tremendously.
Minuette is the degree which can be seen in the 4 Hour and 1 Hour charts which make the trade a small swing trade and can last a few days, ideally the trader will be trading the 4 Hour pullback and entering base in the 1 Hour chart, there are 1248 4 Hour charts and 7488 1 Hour chart in a year.
Subminuette is the most popular degree and the hardest to trade, most of the traders ending losing and not lasting more than 2 years and this degree is the major reason, there are many reasons or myths like the lack of equity which forced traders to trade in this degree, but with the right money management a trader can trade into more reliable higher degrees. Read this article in which we explain how to do it the right way. An Important Lesson on Money Management. There are 7488 1 Hour charts in a year, but when trading this degree, a trader will be entering the base in 15 minutes pullbacks which can be counted as 29952 charts or periods in a year.
As we have explained, the degrees are related to the time frames, but the most important is knowing your self and trying to find the degree that fixes you better, most of the traders tend to trade in the riskiest degrees, but also tend to trade in degrees which do not fit your personality. Even when we all Humans, we do not have the same personality, we are different in how to handle emotions, stress, fear, and greed consequently, we all cannot trade the same degree. Based in the math the higher the degree the better and instead of the Subminuette which is the most popular the Minutes is the better fit for the equity and most personalities, only traders with a higher degree of self-discipline and huge understanding of how to invest in the long run and money management should be trading the below Minuette degrees due the challenging which comes with them. As always, we trying to help traders around the world to become better traders and be able to last and make the dream of becoming professional traders a reality.