DXY Elliott Wave View 9.15.2017

DXY Dollar Index Short Term Elliott Wave view suggests that the Index ended Primary wave ((3)) at 91.01. Primary wave ((4)) bounce is proposed complete at 92.66 as a double three Elliott Wave structure. Wave (W) of ((4)) ended at 92.01, wave (X) of ((4)) ended at 91.71, and wave (Y) of ((4)) is proposed complete at 92.66. Down from there, Intermediate wave (1) ended at 91.97. Intermediate wave (2) bounce is in progress in 3, 7, or 11 swing to correct cycle from 9/14 peak. While bounces stay below there, expect Index to extend lower. We don’t like buying the Dollar Index.

DXY 1 Hour Elliott Wave Chart

DXY 1 Hour Sept 15

Ending Diagonal is an Elliott wave structure that typically happens inside wave 5 of an impulse or inside wave C of a zigzag. Ending Diagonal has 5 waves subdivision and each wave is further subdivided into 3 waves. Thus Ending Diagonal has the structure of 3-3-3-3-3. When Ending Diagonal happens within wave 5, the internal wave 1 of 5 and wave 4 of 5 can overlap. The Ending diagonal also often forms a wedge shape.


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