Introducing 4XP Educational Programs – Guiding You to a Bigger Profit

London, United Kingdom, 8 May, 2011 – 4XP is proud to offer an all-new educational program that will provide a unique opportunity for traders to further expand their knowledge of the financial world, and in turn increase their ability to profit by as much as 80%.

The 4XP educational program covers a deep and comprehensive list of subjects that are crucial to every trader’s success. By learning about more ways to profit, as well as strategies that have worked for others, traders are guaranteed to gain a more meaningful understanding of the financial world.

Using 4XP’s educational programs, traders will enjoy limitless access to exclusive learning tools:

Webinars – Covering every aspect of the trading process, traders will fill each and every gap in their knowledge. 4XP’s webinars will detail advanced use of the MetaTrader 4 platform, demonstrating the many ways software can be used to promote efficacy and yield.

One-On-One Couching – Perhaps one of the strongest learning tools available, one-on-one couching sessions with 4XP’s leading analysts will provide traders with a unique ability to learn special skills and strategies at no additional charge. 

Online Courses – 4XP’s online courses are designed to offer traders with a complete learning solution that will cover every step of the trading process in great details. Online courses cover the basics as well as advanced techniques, guaranteeing that traders gain the knowledge of not only what works, but why it works.

Offline Courses – Similarly to 4XP’s online courses, offline courses include every bit of crucial information with the added value of attending a course in your own country and in your own language.

Demo Account – Test your knowledge using a free demo account that will simulate actual trading in immaculate realism. Exercise newly learned techniques and strategies in the most secure way possible.

Protected Account – Protected accounts provide traders with a 30-day risk-free opportunity to exploit every bit of expertise acquired through 4XP’s exclusive learning tools. 4XP’s protected accounts let traders put new knowledge to the test in a risk-free environment that guarantees no loss.

4XP’s professional educational programs are specially designed to help traders increase their profits by reviewing some of the more advanced aspects of trading, as well as how to apply techniques in an effective way. Furthermore, traders will learn how to use technical and fundamental analysis to make the most of each opportunity. 

Jayden Hamilton, Customer Relations Manager: “4XP has always opted to provide an added value to its service. As a company, 4XP strongly believes that it should do everything in its power to help traders make the most of its services.”

Voted Best Trading Platform of 2011 by World Finance Magazine, 4XP continues to raise the bar in every aspect. Be it full multilingual support, low fixed spreads, or a robust learning center, 4XP continues to march towards the future with full force.

4XP was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with high expertise in both online and offline trading. With the increasingly challenging world of online trading, 4XP’s founders set out to create a platform based on the model of “par excellence – focusing on honesty, integrity, and professionalism.”