4 Incredible Market Forecasts You Have to See to Believe

Consider the common thread among these four market calls:

Forecast 1: A two-month, double-digit rally in a blue-chip stock index, even as investor sentiment hit a negative extreme last seen at the epic market lows of March 2009.

Forecast 2: A 70% decline in the base commodity that runs the industrialized world (when most traders were bullish).

Forecast 3: A 30% plunge in shares of Wall Street’s favorite company — its worst price decline in three years (even though every advisor with a pulse rated it a “buy”).

Forecast 4: A four-year, 44% decline in a “must-own” commodity (even though central banks world-wide were bullish this commodity).

What’s their common thread?

They all stand as contrarian cases-in-point, because virtually no one else saw them coming.

These particular calls were made by Elliott wave analysts, and we’re about to show you how you, too, can make lucrative market calls like these.

Now, please know this is no invitation to a class in “good calls.”

We highlight these markets because many of the Elliott wave patterns we identified in 2014, 2015 and 2016 are still unfolding right now. And more, potentially larger, opportunities are developing before our analysts’ eyes.

You can read all about these exceptional forecasts — plus learn how to make forecasts like these for yourself — in our free four-part report titled The Power of the Wave Principle: 4 Incredible Market Forecasts You Have to See to Believe..

To be a contrarian is to identify and act on trends no one else sees coming. So if you want to start “investing as a contrarian” — and get and stay ahead for the big price turns the experts never see coming — this is your best first step.

See the evidence for yourself, and make up your own mind.

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About the Publisher, Elliott Wave International
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