AUDUSD Daily Analysis – July 14, 2023

The AUDUSD currency pair has been steadily climbing, with its current price approaching a crucial resistance level at 0.6899, representing the previous high. Traders are closely watching for a potential breakout above this level, which could ignite further upside momentum and push the pair towards the 0.7000 psychological level.

The recent uptrend in AUDUSD highlights the strength and resilience of the Australian dollar against its US counterpart. If the pair manages to surpass the resistance at 0.6899, it would signify a significant bullish breakthrough and could attract additional buying interest from traders seeking to capitalize on the potential upward move. A sustained rally above this level would likely fuel further upside momentum and set the stage for a test of the key psychological barrier at 0.7000.

On the downside, immediate support is seen at 0.6845. Traders will closely monitor any potential breakdown below this level, as it could indicate a period of consolidation for the ongoing uptrend. In such a scenario, AUDUSD may enter a range-bound trading phase, oscillating between the support at 0.6800 and the resistance at 0.6900. Range-bound markets offer trading opportunities for range-bound strategies, where traders can take advantage of price fluctuations within a defined range.

In conclusion, AUDUSD is currently approaching a critical resistance level at 0.6899. A breakout above this level could pave the way for further upside potential, targeting the psychological level at 0.7000. Immediate support is seen at 0.6845, and a breakdown below this level could indicate a consolidation phase within the range of 0.6800 to 0.6900. Traders should remain vigilant and adjust their strategies in response to market dynamics and evolving economic factors to optimize their trading outcomes.