How to subscribe to trading signals?

Trading signals are an effective way for a novice trader to be able to gain profits like a professional. As soon as you subscribe to trading signals, all deals are copied onto your account. To subscribe to trading signals, one need not go far; the option for it is right in the trading terminal. The steps are as follows:

  • You need to update your trading platform.
  • An MQL5 account needs to be created and the user needs to be registered.
  • This account which was created should then be linked with the trading platform of Metatrader4/ Metatrader5. To do this, you simply need to go to the tools button and then choose ‘Options’ to click on the Community tab. This will ask for your username and password to make sure that the linking is being done by the correct person.
  • Next is the most important step – choosing the signal provider you are interested in. The entire benefit of trading signals depends on the signal provider and so it is important to do thorough research before choosing the signal provider.
  • To subscribe to the selected signal provider, you need to agree to the terms and conditions and also select the option of real-time signal subscription. This will enable the signal to be copied into your account in real time that is without any delay. One should also check the subscription settings to make sure they are set as one requires them to be.
  • When all the above steps have been completed successfully, the system will perfectly synchronize both the accounts so that you can enjoy the benefit of trading signals. All the operations of the trading provider will be there to be viewed directly from your trading account.

To be able to subscribe to trading signals, the above steps are required. The best part of subscribing to trading signals is that there is no need to fax or sign any hard copy of papers and wait for the confirmation. All one needs to do is to link both the accounts following the instructions given above and the subscription to trading signals is complete. Moreover, one need not even be on the same server as the signal provider to be able to receive the trading signals.

There is also another way to subscribe to the trading signals and that is directly by the MQL5 website. You simply need to go through the list of signal providers and to select the one desired, click on the Subscribe button next to it. The other details like the start day of the subscription, the duration, the name of the broker and your username needs to be entered into the database and the procedure for subscription will be complete. The name of the broker can be selected from the drop down menu in the option and so finding the signal provider is also easy.

Thus subscribing to trading signals is easy and one should avail the benefits of the easy to subscribe and advantageous trading signals.