Bitcoin and cryptos: Your ‘long-term investment’?

Bitcoin fell some 12% to start the week, and you may be wondering:

“Is this FINALLY my moment to buy?”

You’re not alone. In early June, over 12,000 crypto fans visited Miami to take part in “Bitcoin 2021,” the largest Bitcoin event in the world. Although it took place with Bitcoin trading near $30K, half of where it was in April, the enthusiasm for the King of Cryptos was palpable.

In fact, say our friends at Elliott Wave International in the excerpt you’re about to read,

“The conviction gripping bitcoin’s ascendancy is so deep that children are now being indoctrinated into the bullish fold.” And,

“more than 60% of college students and recent grads see crypto as a long-term investment.”

So, should you buy now, before Bitcoin doubles again?

Or sell now before it gets cut in half — again? Or neither?

Before you do anything…

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Who is Elliott Wave International?
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