Cryptos: 5 Simple Strategies to Catch the Next Opportunity

The key to success in cryptos is to approach this wild market in a way that insulates you from the hype, frenzy and rumors — and helps you act when others flounder.

How? By using a proven market-forecasting methodology that can analyze price trends in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin objectively and clearly.

Our friends at Elliott Wave International have a practical resource to help your cryptos trading entitled “Crypto Trading Guide: 5 Simple Strategies to Catch the Next Opportunity.”

Easily a $49 value, the guide is 100% free because of our relationship with EWI.

Here’s what you’ll learn — free:

  • The Elliott wave pattern that help them to anticipate big reversals
  • How to recognize and benefit from market sentiment extremes
  • How to spot the rare feature that precedes a market turn
  • …and more!

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Who is Elliott Wave International?
EWI is the world’s largest independent technical analysis firm. Founded by Robert Prechter in 1979, EWI helps investors and traders to catch market opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls before others even see them coming. Their unique perspective and high-quality analysis have been their calling card for nearly 40 years, featured in financial news outlets such as Fox Business, CNBC, Reuters, MarketWatch and Bloomberg.