EUR – A Day Of Calm For The Single Currency

EUR investors were given a rather peaceful day to trade on Thursday, as the single currency turned in gains against the greenback. German Prelim CPI numbers met expectations head on with a result of 0.1%, not exactly an earth shattering number. Today will be a relatively light day of data from the E.U. and investors are probably hoping for another tranquil day before going into the weekend. The questions hovering over the E.U. financial crisis, caused by the Sovereign Debt fears has for the time being possibly been digested. However, the EUR does remain on the weaker side of its range versus the USD and the concerns surrounding the crisis are not about to disappear. Going into the weekend traders will have to stay alert for news and opinions that become apparent. Investors should also be aware that both the States and the U.K. have holidays this coming Monday, which means that volume will be rather skewed for a couple of sessions.

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