Fractal analysis and trading recommendations for EUR/USD

Dear Traders,
As for the EUR/USD, we are continuing to observe a rising since May 19 structure, although the price at the moment is close to the level of its abort.
Forecast for May 25:

Today for the EUR/USD pair the important levels are: 1.2795, 1.2667, 1.2558, 1.2507, 1.2405, 1.2264, 1.2231, 1.2144, 1.2096 and 1.1991. And we are observing the ascending from May 19 structure. The diapason 1.2264 – 1.2231 is a key support for the high , being hit by the price will cancel the development of the initial conditions from May 19, here the target is 1.2144, in the corridor 1.2144 – 1.2096 is a price consolidation. Potential level for the decline is considered 1.1991, after reaching which an upward rebound is awaited. A short-term uprise is possible after breaking through the level of 1.2405, no targets determined here. The diapason of 1.2507 – 1.2558 is a key resistance, if it is passed by the price, this will favour the formation of a growing structure targeted to 1.2667. The level of 1.2795 is considered a potential high, the movement to which is possible after breaking through the level of 1.2667.
Trading recommendations:
Buy: 1.2558 Take profit: 1.2667
Buy: 1.2264 Take profit: 1.2558
Sell: 1.2229 Take profit: 1.2144
Sell: 1.2094 Take profit: 1.1991