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Update Time: 31 Aug 2011 18:39GMT

As euro has fallen again after a brief rebound
to 1.4470, suggesting recovery fm y’day’s low at
1.4385 has possibly ended n below said sup wud sig-
nal decline fm 1.4550 (Mon) to retrace recent rise
has resumed n yield weakness to 1.4365 n 1.4328.


Trade fm short side with stop now as indicated n
only abv 1.4470 wud signal a low is made, 1.4507.

   Rate:          +1.4360+
   Strategy:    +Target met+
   Position:     Short at 1.4440
   Objective:   1.4360
   Resistance: 1.4470/1.4507/1.4550
   Support:     1.4328/1.4259/1.4200
Update Time: 31 Aug 2011 17:23GMT

As euro has fallen again after meeting renewed
selling at 1.1599, suggesting downside bias remains
n below 1.1545 wud extend fall fm Monday’s high at
1.1971 to 1.1513, however, nr term loss of momentum
wud prevent steep fall n bring recovery.

Sell on pullback with stop as indicated, abv wud
wud signal a temp. low is made, 1.1656.

   Rate:          +1.1550+
   Strategy:     +Target met+
   Position:      Short at 1.1590
   Objective:   1.1550
   Resistance: 1.1599/1.1656/1.1708
   Support:     1.1545/1.1513/1.1472
Update Time: 31 Aug 2011 14:48GMT

Despite gold’s retreat after y’day’s breach of
Mon’s 1838.20 high to 1839.40, subsequent rebound
fm 1813.30 suggests consolidation with upside bias
remains for gain to 1839.40, abv wud yield stronger
retrace. of fall fm record high at 1911.40 to 1853.
60 but price wud hold well below 1872.10 b4 retreat

Trade fm long side with stop as indicated, below
wud prolong choppy trading, however, sup at 1776.50
shud contain downside.

   Rate:           +1830.00+
   Strategy:     +Target met+
   Position:      Long at 1815.00
   Objective:    +1830.00+
   Resistance:  1839.40/1853.60/1872.10
   Support:      1813.30/1800.20/1776.50