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Update Time: 12 Jul 2011 18:16GMT

Despite early selloff to a fresh 4-month low of
1.3838, subsequent rally on active short-covering
signals recent decline has formed a temp. low there
n consolidation with upside bias wud be seen for a
retracement to 1.4063/73 area.

Trade fm long side, stop at break-even n only
below 1.3903 wud signal recovery is over, 1.3838.


   Rate: +1.4050+
   Strategy: +Target met+
   Position: Long at 1.3950
   Objective: 1.4050
   Resistance: 1.4073/1.4103/1.4150
   Support: 1.3950/1.3903/1.3862
Update Time: 12 Jul 2011 18:15GMT

Dlr’s intra-day selloff fm 0.8400 to 0.8314 sug-
gests early correction fm June’s record low of 0.82
76 has ended earlier at 0.8525 last week n below 0.
8306 wud signal LT downtrend has resumed n bring
re-test of said sup n then twd 0.8200 later.

Hold short for 0.8305 n only abv 0.8400 prolongs
choppy trading n risks gain twd 0.8422 n 0.8442/50.

   Rate: +0.8305+
   Strategy: +Target met+
   Position: Short at 0.8385
   Objective: 0.8305
   Resistance: 0.8400/0.8422/0.8495
   Support: 0.8276/0.8245/0.8200
Update Time: 12 Jul 2011 18:01GMT

Dlr’s retreat fm 0.8367 to 0.8325 suggests the
early recovery has ended there n consolidation with
downside bias remains for a re-test of said sup,
however, below 0.8298/06 sup needed to signal LT
downtrend has resumed n yield fall to 0.8276 low.

Trade fm short side, stop now as indicated, abv
wud prolong choppy trading abv 0.8314, 0.8367.

   Rate: +0.8325+
   Strategy: +Target met+
   Position: Short at 0.8355
   Objective: 0.8325
   Resistance: 0.8367/0.8400/0.8422
   Support: 0.8314/0.8276/0.8250