EURUSD Survives Dubai Scare – What Next? By GoLearn Forex


Now that the EUR has safely breached resistance and survived the Dubai scare let’s take a look at where the EUR may be heading next. In order to project forward we must first look back at where the EUR has been.  In the Graph below you can clearly see the period of complete market turmoil, commencing July of 2008. Over the next year notice the ensuing volatility represented by the white circle.  The area in the red box shows a steadier trend emerging in June 2009.  This is further evidenced by price cleanly riding up the 50 SMA in yellow.

I drew a Fibonacci Projection from the low indicated by Box A to the high indicated by Box B on the Graph below.  These points are significant because they are inflection points that began the EUR rally.  Additionally, they are located in the area of volatility circled in white above.  Fibonacci makes sense and order from disorder and chaos.  Therefore using these points for the basis of the projection is taking chaos or what we refer to as volatility and making order and sense from it which is the period of time represented by the red box above. View the results in the Graph below.

The Fibonacci’s Projections land on almost precisely the last 3 resistance levels and highlights past price action resistance points as well.  The FIBO 138.2% level at 1.5048 was struck in October when the EUR finally broke the psychological 1.50 barrier.  It was tested again in November before finally being taken out a few days ago.

So where is the EUR headed next? Based on the Fibonacci Projections we expect to meet resistance at 150%, which coincides with previous support levels as indicated by the 2 blue circles back in May and June of 2008.  If the Fibonacci 150% level is taken out then the next point of resistance is the 161.8% or approximately 1.55.  You can see the congestion at that level starting in May 2008 and lasting through June 2008.

Since the 50 SMA has been holding such strong support for this EUR move our new Long entries would trigger near the 50 SMA (buying on the dips). If we breach the 150% Fibonacci level then we would increase our Long and look to take profit near 1.55.  However, in order to enter a short we would need to see an entire candle appear below the 50 SMA.  This is an occurrence that has not taken place in months.