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Update Time: 26 Jan 2011 07:31GMT

Despite cable’s brief bounce to 1.5838, current
retreat after faltering below 1.5839 (prev. sup,
now res) suggests recovery fm y’day’s low of 1.5750
has possibly ended there n consolidation with down-
side wud be seen for weakness twds 1.5776 sup 1st.


Trade fm short side with stop as indicated, break
wud prolong choppy trading n risk 1.5839 again.

   Rate:             +1.5780+
   Strategy:       +Target met+
   Position:       Short at 1.5820
   Objective:    1.5780
   Resistance:   1.5839/1.5867/1.5884
   Support:       1.5776/1.5750/1.5719
Update Time: 25 Jan 2011 09:41GMT

Current selloff after the release of much weaker
-than-expected U.K. GDP (-0.5% q/q) confirms recent
decline fm 1.6060 to retrace entire rise fm 1.5345
has once again resumed n further weakness to 1.5800
wud be seen but reckon 1.5780 wud contain downside.

Sell at market with stop as indicated, break wud
risk stronger gain to 1.5910/20.

   Rate:            +1.5810+
   Strategy:       +Target met+
   Position:       +Short at 1.5850+
   Objective:    1.5810
   Resistance:   1.5922/1.5968/1.6018
   Support:       1.5800/1.5780/1.5710
Update Time: 25 Jan 2011 09:42GMT

Although euro’s rebound after y’day’s selloff fm
1.3068 to 1.2930 suggests consolidation is seen, as
this fall signals recent upmove fm lifetime 1.2398
low has formed a temp. top there, reckon 1.3013 res
shud remain intact n yield another fall to 1.2900.

Trade fm short side with stop as indicated, abv
wud sugggest aforesaid pullback is over instead.

   Rate:            +1.2900+
   Strategy:      +Target met+
   Position:       Short at 1.2975
   Objective:    1.2900
   Resistance:   1.3012/1.3068/1.3123
   Support:       1.2930/1.2885/1.2815