CROX (Crocs Inc) Should Continue Further Upside

Crocs Inc., (CROX) designs, manufactures, markets & distributes casual lifestyle footwear & accessories for men, women & children worldwide. The company sells its products in approximately 85 countries through wholesalers, retail stores, e-commerce sites & third-party marketplaces. It is based in Colorado, US, comes under Consumer Cyclical sector & trades as “CROX” ticker at Nasdaq.

As showing in the previous article, CROX favors upside in (3) of ((1)) & remain supported within the sequence started from November-2023 low. It favors upside in 5 of (3), while dips remain above 143.28 low.

CROX – Elliott Wave Latest Daily View: 

It placed (I) at $183.88 high in weekly since 2008 low as impulse sequence. It corrected lower in (II) as zigzag down ended at $46.08 low as 0.764 Fibonacci retracement of (I) in June-2022. Above there, it ended I of (III) at $151.32 high. Within I sequence, it placed ((1)) at $83.64 high, ((2)) at $65.17 low, ((3)) at $143.50 high, ((4)) at $109.47 low & finally ended ((5)) at $151.32 high. It corrected lower in II at $74.00 low as around 0.764 Fibonacci retracement of I.

CROX – Elliott Wave Latest Weekly View: 

Above II low, it placed (2) of ((1)) at $85.71 low & favors upside in (3) of ((1)). It already broke above I high, favoring upside to extend towards $179.29 or higher level. Yet, it needs to break above (I) high to confirm the weekly bullish sequence. Within (3), it placed 1 at $106.83 high, 2 at $94.50 low, 3 at $146.79 low & 4 at $118.60 low. Above there, it favors upside in 5 of (3) & expect further upside, while dips remain above $143.28 low of ((ii)). Alternatively, below $143.28 low, it should be within (4) correction, while placed (3) at $158.11 high. In either the case, we like to buy the pullback in 3, 7 or 11 swings towards short term extreme areas for the next move higher.