Crocs Inc (CROX) Favors Corrective Pullback Before Rally Resumes

Crocs Inc., (CROX) designs, manufactures, markets & distributes casual lifestyle footwear & accessories for men, women & children worldwide. The company sells its products in approximately 85 countries through wholesalers, retail stores, e-commerce sites & third-party marketplaces. It is based in Colorado, US, comes under Consumer Cyclical sector & trades as “CROX” ticker at Nasdaq.

In the previous article from 4.17.2023, CROX favored higher in (5) to finish ((1)) impulse sequence, which ended at 151.32 high & favors pullback in ((2)) in 7 swings structure. It favors lower in (Y) towards $80.76 – $50.05 area to finish ((2)) correction before upside resumes in ((3)).

CROX – Elliott Wave View From 4.17.2023: 

It placed I at $183.88 high & II at as 3 swing zigzag correction at $46.08 low. Above there, it favors higher in wave III, which confirms above I high. It placed (1) of ((1)) at $80.64 high started from II low & (2) at $65.17 low. (2) was corrected 0.5 Fibonacci retracement of (1). Later, it extended higher in (3), which ended at $143.50 high. It ended (4) correction at $109.47 low as slightly lower below 0.382 Fibonacci retracement of (3). Finally, it ended (5) at $151.32 high as ((1)) of III.

CROX – Elliott Wave Latest Daily View: 

It placed (W) of ((2)) at $101.65 low as 3 swing pullback. It bounced off in (X) connector as flat structure, which ended at $130.36 high. Below there, it favors lower in (Y) of ((2)) & expect to extend between $80.76 – $50.05 area before turning higher in ((3)) or at least can see 3 swing bounce. It favors lower in A of (Y) & expect small downside as it breaks below (W) low before a bounce in B connector. (Y) expect to unfold in 3 swings lower to finish the double correction in ((2)).

CROX – Elliott Wave Latest Weekly View: