AUDUSD and NZDUSD signals

Hi dear traders,

I have tons of things to say, but will keep it short. It’s obvious that the economy is being affected by the current events and things change so fast.  Unfortunately, I have not being able to publish all the things that I wanted to, but I want you to see this:

And a bit of zoom:

This is just to prove that we can make money, just have some faith in me. Right now, I’m with an accuracy of 63.3%, and as you can see, on the green side in terms of pips. Please keep in mind also that my signals are purely based on technical analysis. Hence, the current events might not always match what the indicators suggest. Anyway, let’s try to profit today, so…

Let’s check the market:


SELL it @0.67685. 0.676 is also ok as well as up to 0.6775. TP @0.673 and SL @0.68155


SELL it @0.72291, up t 0.7225 is ok as well as up to 0.7235. TP @0.7179 and SL @0.72905

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