Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc ($INO) Cycle Nearly Complete

The next entry in the theme of Corona Virus stocks is Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc.  Inovio has had a steady advance during the COVID-19 spreading worldwide.  It also remains very technical as with all other stocks. Lets take a look at what they do as a company:

“The Inovio technology is based on inserting engineered DNA into cells where it becomes incorporated into proteins involved in the immune response to cancers and viruses by producing T cells and antibodies that aid recovery from infection. The technology can be “targeted” to specific types of cancer and immune diseases, such as those produced by a virus.”

Inovio has had an impressive rally so far this year.  The Elliott Wave view seems to be counting technically clean. Let’s take a look below at the Daily view.

Inovio Daily Elliott Wave


Medium term term view from 10/02/2019 lows of 1.92. Wave ((1)) was set at 2.55 on 10/16/2019 and wave ((2)) at 2.09 on 10/31/2019.  From there, Inovio had some nesting which resulted in an extended wave ((3)).  Wave ((3)) is favoured to be set at 19.36 on 3/09/2019. The count is getting mature to start chasing new longs.  After a wave ((5)) of Red I is complete, a lengthy multi month correction may take place in 3,7 or 11 swings before more upside is expected to resume.