EURJPY : Trading Elliott Waves with Market Patterns

EURJPY SELL/SHORT Trade : Elliott Wave count for EURJPY shows wave ((a)) completed starting from the March 1/2019 highs and has since corrected higher to terminate possibly the wave ((b)) at the March 5/2019 high. Using Market Patterns together with a working Elliott Wave count allows traders to get more confirmation on which side to trade. In the chart below, there was a clear bearish Market Pattern (purple Head and Shoulders Bearish pattern) that had triggered SELLS on the break below the Neck Line which has pushed EURJPY lower. A possible Elliott Wave bearish Zig Zag 5-3-5 pattern, starting from the March 1/2019 high, can be forming so wavers should watch to see another 5 waves lower on the current wave ((c)) lower. There is still a possibility of an Elliott Wave expanded flat pattern where price can push higher above the March 5/2019 high but for now as long the March 1/2019 high holds the wave count remains valid for EURJPY to continue lower. We remain bearish EURJPY expecting to hit targets at lower prices.

EURJPY 15 Minute Chart 3.5.2019 

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Of course, like any strategy/technique, there will be times when the strategy/technique fails so proper money/risk management should always be used on every trade.  Hope you enjoyed this article.