Get Your Free Report: Brazil’s Olympic Games’ “Disastrous” Preparedness: What If?s

Our partners at Elliott Wave International have just released a new, free report, titled: “Brazil’s Olympic Games ‘Disastrous’ Preparedness: What if?”

You’ve heard stories about poor athlete accommodations, unfinished competition facilities, polluted bay waters and green swimming pools and other “disasters.” This new report shows you that, while the Rio Games “disastrous” preparedness caught the world by surprise, there was a way to forecast Brazil’s current economic crisis, which largely takes the blame for these embarrassments.

See for yourself a forecast from five years ago which explained why Brazil was headed into a tailspin. (They should have sent a copy of this report to the International Olympics Committee!)

This new report also highlights a classic failure of mainstream economic forecasting models.

Read it now, free — and learn how to see what the mainstream so often misses.

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