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Only a Huge Bear Market Can Reverse Today's Epic Optimism (new Club EWI resource from Steve Hochberg and Pete Kendall)

Elliott Wave Courses | by | Sunday, 07 September 2014 08:02 UTC

We have just posted a new article exclusively for Club EWI members. Authored by EWI's Steve Hochberg and Pete Kendall, the article was excerpted and adapted from the September 2014 Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, published Aug. 29.

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An Epic Optimism that Can Be Reversed Only by a Huge Bear Market

Recent weeks brought the biggest confrontation with Moscow since the Cold War, a race riot, a new low in the popularity of President Obama and grisly beheadings at the hands of religious terrorists amidst a major re-escalation of the war in Iraq.

If this sounds a lot like 1968, when Russia invaded Czechoslovakia, President Johnson bowed out of the presidential race as his popularity plummeted and the Vietnam war took a decisive turn for the worst, there’s a perfectly logical Wave Principle basis for it; both periods contain...

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