GBP – Data From The U.K. Coming Today & Tmrw

The GBP has had a nice run in value recently and yesterday it was able to trade in a divergent manner compared to the EUR against the USD. The U.K. will start releasing rather important data today and this will continue into tomorrow. Net Lending to Individuals and Final Mortgage Approvals will be published today. Tomorrow the Final GDP and the Nationwide HPI will be brought forth. Investors are not exactly expecting fantastic data, but what will be interesting to watch for are any affects caused from surprises if they arise. With most sentiment apparently having lined up on the rather negative side already regarding potential growth, the question will be how data could affect the Sterling. Since the GBP has had a good run the past couple of weeks what may serve as a better indication in actuality may turn out to be the FTSE. If investors begin to feel more cautious, we could see a test of the GBP range.

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