The US stock market review

On Thursday, the US stock indices increased to a 19-month high. As the growth leaders performed the industrial companies stocks, which were up after the release of the data showing the improvement of the industrial sector conditions.  Dow Jones Industrial Average ended up by 21,46 points or by 0,19% to 11144,57 points which turned to be the highest close level since September 19, 2008. Nasdaq Composite ascended by 10,83 points or by 0,43% to 2515,69 points, the maximum since June 5, 2008. Standard & Poor’s 500 increased by 1,02 points or by 0,08% to 1211,67 points which is the highest reading since September 26, 2008. 

The Intel acquired $0.70 or 3% to 24,22. This was the growth continuation which started after the company stated a significant profit in Q1 on Tuesday. Caterpillar quoting rates climbed strongly as well. The company’s stocks increased by $0.94 or by 1,4% to $68,22. 3M stocks were up by $0.61 or by 0,7% to $85. The growth of the two industrial giants’ stocks was supported by the data about the increase of the activity in the manufacturing sector of New-York and Mid-Atlantic region. Though Hewlett-Packard dropped by $0.29 or by 0,5% to $54,23. As published in the Wall Street Journal, the German and Russian law bodies are conducting an investigation against the company on suspicion in corrupt practice aimed to get the contracts. The Wal-Mart quotes were down by $0.51 or by 0,9% to $54,13 when the Governor of the British branch of Asda announced the plans of the network expansion but noticed that the company is cautions while estimating the perspectives of the economy. The UPS financial results for the Q1 exceeded the forecasts. Moreover, the UPS enlarged the annual profit forecast. The stocks of the company climbed by $3,44 or by 5,3% to $68,89, and the FedEx rates which is the UPS opponent increased by $1,61 or by 1,7% to $95,62. On the whole, the positive sentiment on the market remains, the investors are gradually turning back to the stocks and have less fears, as they are observing more signs of the recovery and the growing stock market.

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