IAFT – new working conditions in Foreign Exchange

The first official “Traders Union” International Association of Forex Traders has been established in London. The organization was created in the beginning of 2010. In the few month of its operation 30 000 foreign exchange participants have joined the Association’s ranks.

IAFT popularity is easily explained by the Association’s provision of the most beneficial working conditions for Forex traders. Thus, for example, IAFT participants receive 60% of the partnership reward for every transaction performed, whether it was profitable or not.

IAFT positions itself as an open organization and any foreign exchange market participant can join.

The partners of the Association are numerous world-famous dealing centers, which is another testament to the company’s reliability and trustworthiness.

One of the IAFT’s priorities is the reliability of financial transactions. In case of a dispute the Association is always ready to provide its participants with free legal support and assistance. “EMEXB Ltd.” consulting company helps IAFT in realization of its statute goals.

It is worth mentioning that by transferring 10% of its net profit “EMEXB Ltd.” plays a major role in forming the insurance fund. The fund guarantees all Association participants reimbursement of damages in case an independent investigation confirms a broker’s non-compliance with the agreement.

IAFT also provides market participants with additional services – independent broker ratings, various newswires, analysis of the financial markets and numerous reference materials.

As of today “Traders Union” is the only organization that helps traders to find the right path in Forex as well as increase their profits several fold.