Frequently Ask Questions

Can I use your information for intraday trade?

The information to be given on Free Forex market Analysis is based on daily and weekly charts. Timeframe for target will be between several days to several weeks. It’s not fit for intraday trade. You should subscribe the Short-Term Forex market Analysis for intraday trade.

What are the meanings of the signs and words on the charts?

  • T – The cycle top.
  • B – The cycle bottom.
  • Topping – It is in the time window of the cycle top. Don’t create any new buy positions at this moment.
  • Bottoming -It is in the time window of the cycle bottom. Don’t create any new sell positions at this moment.
  • Topped – The cycle top appeared and the downtrend had begun. Sell at this moment.
  • Bottomed – The cycle bottom appeared and the uptrend had begun. Buy at this moment.
  • Key support – The uptrend will reverse when this level is broken below.
  • Key resistance – The downtrend will reverse when this level is broken above.

How can I receive the trading alerts and analysis immediately after they have been posted?

  • Visit my site frequently to find the most recent update.
  • Subscript to our newsletter, and you will receive an e-mail and an instant message after the analysis posted.