GBPJPY with some details

The pair is still trading within the main descending channel shown above; the channel led the pair in a downside correction that did not surpass 76.4% Fibonacci correction for the entire upside wave that started from 118.82 and ended temporarily at 163.06.

Reaching the support for the channel which resides with the aforesaid correction in addition to positive momentum signals makes us expect an upside short term move normally within the descending channel targeting 140.70 then 143.35 followed by resumption to the main downside move.
The 200 Days MA is protecting the bearish channel and accordingly we still see the medium term trend valid to the downside.
Nonetheless, breaching 143.35 might extend the short term bullishness and holds the key to reversing the medium term trend to the upside which will be confirmed with the breach of 149.00.