Trends for Today by 08/02/2010

Market Notes:

Friday’s U.S. Non-Farm Employment Change published at -20K – which is close to what we’ve expected (close to zero). Next month data we’ll expect to be positive. However, the unemployment rate showed a decrease from 10% to 9.7%, but I wouldn’t trust this data since the job market continues to shrink, so the decline in unemployment rate is inaccurate.

This week starts with few fundamentals, which can be very profitable for technical day traders.

Watch German GDP this Friday.

Daily Trends & Charts

Watch the Fundamentals!(GMT time)


UK PPI Input: 2.0% vs. 0.7% exp.

EU German Industrial Production: -2.6% vs. 0.6% exp.

Canadian Unemployment Rate: 8.3% vs. 8.5% exp.

US Non-Farm Employment Change: -20K vs. 10K exp.

US Unemployment Rate: 9.7% vs. 10.0% exp.


Swiss Unemployment Rate: 4.1% vs. 4.3% exp.

Swiss Retail Sales: 4.7% vs. 1.3% exp.

Canadian Housing Starts at 13:15.


UK Trade Balance at 09:30

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