HCA Healthcare (HCA) Favors Pullback Providing Another Opportunity

HCA Healthcare, Inc., (HCA) provides health care services company in the United States. The company operates general & acute care hospitals that offers medical & surgical services, including inpatient care, intensive care, cardiac care, diagnostic & emergency services & outpatient services. It is based in Tennessee, comes under Healthcare (XLV) sector & trades as “HCA” ticker at NYSE.

As shown in the previous article from 6.05.2023 update, HCA reacted higher & finished the diagonal sequence in (1) of ((3)) of III at $304.86 high. It favors pullback in (2) in 3 or 7 swings pullback & expect short term correction before upside resumes in (3) of ((3)).

HCA – Elliott Wave Latest Daily Chart: 

Since, March-2020 low, it placed wave I at $279.02 high in bullish impulse sequence in April-2022. Later, it corrected lower in II, ended at $164.47 low in 3 swings pullback in July-2022. Above there, it already confirms higher high sequence, favoring upside in wave III. It placed ((1)) of III at $219.68 low & finished ((2)) at 178.32 low as 0.764 Fibonacci retracement.

HCA – Elliott Wave Weekly Latest View: 

Above ((2)) low, it finished (1) of ((3)) at $304.86 high as diagonal sequence & favors pullback in (2) in 3, 7 or 11 swings before upside resumes. It placed 1 of (1) at $269.09 high & finished 2 at $240 low in 3 swings pullback. It finished 3 at $294.02 high & corrected in 4 at $259.18 low. Finally, it favored ended 5 of (1) at $304.86 on 6.30.2023 high in ((3)) sequence. Currently, it favors pullback in ((v)) of A & soon can bounce in B of (2). Later, it should resume lower in C to finish (2) correction against 10.21.2022 low of ((2)) followed by upside in (3) of ((3)). It expect to find support in 3, 7 or 11 swings towards next extreme areas to see further upside in (3) of ((3)).

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