Bitcoin drops almost 40 from Monday’s maximum

Bitcoin price is falling for the fourth consecutive day and accelerated the decline hours ago. Since the record highs reached on Monday, the price has lost about 40%.

Today came to lose $3,000, then moderate the fall. It reached the lowest level in areas close to $12,400 and then rebounded approaching $14,000. Before the fall it had been at $15,800. Hours later, it dropped to almost $11,700 and stabilized around $12,000.

The declines in cryptocurrency prices were widespread on Friday. Analysts attribute the fall to certain regulatory warnings and security problems.

Volatility has been a feature of the variation in the price of bitcoin. The regression that is taking place follows a great rise that the bitcoin had previously. In fact, it is still in positive territory for the current month, with a rise of almost 25%.

BTC/USD forecasts for 2018 suggest Bitcoin could drop down to $8,000 in the first quarter, although a year-to-year rise to $89,750 is not excluded.

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