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Update Time: 25 Jun 2010 17:37GMT
DAILY AUD/JPY CROSS OUTLOOK – +78.20+ A$’s rebound fm intra-day low of 77.01 suggests
decline fm 80.86 has formed a temp. low there n up-
side bias is seen for retrace. to 78.28.Buy on dips with stop as indicated, below wud
extend aforesaid fall to 76.60/65.   Rate: +78.20+
Strategy: +Target met+
Position: Long at 77.25
Objective: 78.20
Resistance: 78.28/78.90/79.13
Support: 77.01/76.62/75.93
Update Time: 25 Jun 2010 17:27GMT
INTRA-DAY AUD/USD OUTLOOK – +0.8725+ Aussie’s breach of 0.8680 after finding renewed
buying at 0.8634 suggests intra-day rise fm 0.8596
has resumed n further gain to 0.8730/35 wud be seen
, however, nr term o/bot condition shud prevent
sharp move beyond there.Trade fm long side with stop as indicated n only
below 0.8680 wud prolong choppy trading, 0.8634.   Rate: +0.8725+
Strategy: +Target met+
Position: Long at 0.8685
Objective: 0.8725
Resistance: 0.8731/0.8781/0.8806
Support: 0.8680/0.8634/0.8596
Update Time: 25 Jun 2010 16:24GMT
EUROPEAN CLOSING EUR/USD OUTLOOK – +1.2340+ Despite euro’s intra-day brief drop to 1.2254,
subsequent strg rebound suggests pullback fm yester
day’s high of 1.2388 has possibly ended there n con
solidation with upside bias wud be seen for gain to
1.2352, break wud confirm, 1.2388 res later.Hold long with stop below 1.2281, break wud
risk weakness to 1.2254 again.   Rate: +1.2340+
Strategy: +Target met+
Position: Long at 1.2300
Objective: 1.2340
Resistance: 1.2352/1.2388/1.2414
Support: 1.2254/1.2209/1.2168