14th February 2011 – FX Daily Report by GFM Research

Dollar rallied against almost all major pairs on Friday. USDCHF and USDJPY remained firm during whole of last week to finally close positive st 0.9736 and 83.43 respectively. We are expecting USDCHF and USDJPY to rally further on trading consistantly above major resistance of 0.9786 and 83.68 respectively. The common currency settled at 1.3545 after hitting day’s low of 1.3497. Of the major pairs only Aussie Dollar showed reselience at the lower ranges. Dow Jones (.DJIA) settled with positive note at 12273.26 though some of the oscillators are indicating over bought condition.

FX Pair             Support 2             Support 1          Resistance 1          Resistance 2

             1.3365                     1.3436                 1.3609                   1.3624
GBPUSD             1.5630                     1.6000                 1.6075                   1.6221
USDCHF             0.9578                     0.9675                 0.9764                   0.9989
USDJPY              82.65                        82.95                   83.90                     84.50
EURJPY              111.30                     112.25                 113.45                   114.01
AUDUSD             0.9945                    0.9945                 1.0077                    1.0100

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