4XP Awarded Best Educational Services by Me Forex Expo Dubai 2012

Broker News | Thursday, 09 February 2012 13:27 UTC
London, United Kingdom, 7 February, 2012 - 4XP proudly accepted the Best Educational Services Award from Me Forex Expo Dubai 2012, the Middle Eastern Forex and Investment Summit.

The Middle East Forex Summit showcases the latest developments and initiatives in today's currency trading with the insights required to exploit the lucrative FX environment.

The importance of this summit is spreading the trading culture and raising the awareness of potential risks and the advantages of following the correct trading guidelines.

4XP has worked tirelessly to provide traders with an all-encompassing educational package. 4XP College is the perfect place for new and experienced traders to learn and enhance their knowledge about the trading world. 4XP provides traders with one of the most vital tools to successful trading- financial literacy and understanding.

This unified learning system will help traders ease into the financial world by utilizing exclusive tools and select features that will not only effectively communicate the many aspects of financial literacy, but will also test traders on their newly acquired knowledge.

At 4XP, both experienced and novice traders can greatly benefit from forex training. 4XP College offers traders the opportunity to learn and enhance their knowledge about the trading world through webinars, online courses, instructional videos and one-on-one coaching. Furthermore, traders can open a protected or demo account to practice live trading at no cost.

Jayden Hamilton, 4XP's Customer Relations Manager, "New traders can often stumble upon an unknown situation and may suffer the consequences of an incorrect decision. 4XP believes that every new trader should learn the A to Z's of trading before embarking upon this journey. 4XP College strictly includes all aspects of trading material - for the utter purpose of giving novice traders that start push that they need."

4XP was established by an experienced group of professional Forex traders, commercial entrepreneurs and financial experts - their intent: to provide market investors from around the world with winning tools, extensive resources, and unparalleled financial services - all focusing on honesty, integrity, and professionalism.


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