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  1. Scotland Referendum: A Look At Headlines From Around The World Announcing The Outcome

    Scotland on Thursday got a chance to become the world's newest nation, but its voters turned it down. In an unprecedented turnout of voters in 32 council areas for an independence referendum, the country decided to continue to be a part of the United Kingdom.

  2. High Voter Turnout Swings Scottish Vote In UK's Favor

    An estimated 55.3 percent of Scottish voters -- over 2 million people -- rejected the call for independence, choosing to stay with the United Kingdom. The “Yes” campaign, on the other hand, garnered the support of 44.7 percent of eligible voters, or over 1.6 million people.

  3. Scotland Says No To Independence

    Scotland has voted to remain as part of the United Kingdom after 55 percent of the population said no to independence, the BBC reported. The historic result, which ends more than two years of increasing uncertainty about the future of the UK, was announced in the early hours of Friday morning.

  4. Scotland Referendum: British Prime Minister Cameron 'Delighted' With 'No' Vote

    As Scots voted a big “No” to breaking away from the United Kingdom, after a 307-year-old union, British Prime Minister David Cameron expressed delight on the referendum's result.

  5. Florida Shooting: Convicted Felon, Don Spirit, Kills 6 Grandchildren, Daughter And Himself

    A Florida man, who was once a convicted felon, killed six of his grandchildren, his daughter and then himself in a mass shooting, an official in Gilchrist County, said during a press conference Thursday night. The official reportedly identified the man as 51-year-old Don Spirit.

  6. British Pound Extends Gains As Scotland Votes 'No' To Independence

    The British pound sterling, which jumped to a two-year high against the euro on Thursday, continued to rise early Friday as initial results of the Scottish independence referendum seemed to indicate that its three-century-old union with the United Kingdom would remain intact, according to media reports.

  7. Scotland Referendum: Salmond Accepts "No" Verdict As Voters Choose To Remain Part Of UK

    Alex Salmond, the first minister of Scotland, accepted the electorate's decision in the early hours of Friday, as citizens chose to remain a part of the United Kingdom, in a historic referendum that saw a record voter turnout.

    Salmond said he "accepted the verdict of the people and called on Scotland to accept the democratic verdict of the people of Scotland," the BBC reported, adding: "I call on all of Scotland to follow suit in accepting the democratic will of the people of Scotland."

  8. Obama Nominates Indian-American As Ambassador To India

    (Reuters) - President Barack Obama nominated former State Department official Richard Verma as U.S. ambassador to India on Thursday, just ahead of a visit to Washington by new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a White House statement said.

    Verma, an Indian-American, served as assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs at the State Department in the Obama administration from 2009 to 2011.

  9. Apple iPhones Sold At Huge Markup In Beijing As Apple Waits On Permit

    In mainland China, Apple's iPhone 6 hasn't been approved for sale, yet vendors in Beijing have been selling what they say are authentic models for over 20,000 yuan (HK$25,200), according to South China Morning Post.

  10. ISIS Uses Car Bombs, Suicide Bombers In Attempted Prison Break In Baghdad [VIDEO]

    Baghdad People look at the damage to a bridge after a suicide bombing in Ramadi, west of Baghdad.  REUTERS/Osama Al-dulaimi

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