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  1. How Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Speaks Millennial — Not Just By Using The Popular Mobile App
    Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel speaks millennial. That’s one major takeaway Columbia University student Mayank Mahajan had after interviewing Spiegel, the 25-year-old CEO behind the popular storytelling app, onstage during his college’s #StartupColumbia Festival last week.
  2. NYC Fire Ignites 25th And Broadway In Flatiron District, Engulfing Historic Church In Flames
    A historic New York City church, the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava, located at 25th Street and Broadway in the Flatiron District, was engulfed in flames Sunday. The Fire Department of New York City was on the scene around 7 p.m. EDT and categorized it as a three-alarm fire. No injuries have been reported. A cause of the fire has not been reported. MAN 3-ALARM 24 W 25 ST, HOUSE OF WORSHIP FIRE IN CHURCH,
  3. CIA Re-Enacts Osama Bin Laden Raid Via Twitter On Fifth Anniversary Of His Death
    In the 10 years that Twitter has been around, celebrities and fans have tweeted along, in 140 characters or less, to live events. But there are some things that people — especially government agencies — choose not to share. Today, boundaries were crossed. To mark the five-year anniversary of the finding and killing al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, the Central Intelligence Agency chose to tweet the raid as if it was happening live.
  4. Amid Continuing Low Oil Prices And Economic Recession, Venezuela Changes Clocks To Conserve Electricity
    In a cost-cutting move, Venezuelans turned their clocks forward a half hour Sunday at 2:30 a.m. per the order of President Nicolás Maduro. The decision was just the latest attempt to save money in the recession-stricken South American economy by rationing power. Maduro said, "It'll be simple to move the clock forward a half-hour — this will allow us to enjoy more daylight, and it won't get dark so early," Agence-France Presse reported.
  5. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Remembers Late Husband Dave Goldberg On Anniversary Of Death
    His death was sudden, but his legacy is everlasting. Dave Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey, unexpectedly died a year ago today when he suffered from a head trauma after falling of a treadmill in Mexico. Today, his wife took to Facebook to remember him and his love. 
  6. London Mayor Election Polls 2016: Labour Candidate Sadiq Khan Leads Ahead Of Thursday Voting
    Labour Party member of Parliament Sadiq Khan maintained a strong lead in polls ahead of the elections for London's mayor Thursday, the Financial Times reported Sunday. Khan enjoyed a 20-point lead among the eight candidates, including his closest rival, Conservative Party member Zac Goldsmith.
  7. Germany’s Relationship With Israel Deteriorating Because Of Netanyahu? Merkel’s Government Says Middle East Policy Hasn’t Changed
    A German government official denied Sunday a magazine report which said Berlin might end its unconditional support for Israel due to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's increasing frustration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policies. Germany has for decades felt duty bound to support Israel because of the murder of  millions Jews by the Nazis during the Holocaust.
  8. Finland-NATO Controversy: ‘Serious Crisis’ Possible With Russia If European Nation Joins, Report Says
    Finland could see a "serious crisis" with Russia if it joins NATO, experts warned in a report commissioned by the Finnish government. The report comes as tensions between the two countries have heightened amid Russian military ambition in the Arctic Circle and in Ukraine.
  9. Met Gala 2016 Red Carpet Celebrity Fashion: The Most Beautiful And Outrageous Dresses Through History [PHOTOS]
    Celebrities, philanthropists and some of Manhattan's elite have no doubt already begun preparations for Monday's benefit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala, dubbed simply “the Met Gala.” As last-minute fittings and hair appointments are made throughout New York City, here's a look back at some of the most memorable fashion choices throughout the years.
  10. Syria Peace Deal Could Soon Apply To Aleppo Fighting
    Russia said on Sunday talks were taking place to include Aleppo in a temporary lull in fighting declared by the Syrian army in some western parts of the country, a sign of intensified efforts to halt a surge of violence in its former commercial capital. The United States said stopping the bloodshed in Aleppo, which has been at the center of an escalation of violence that has all but destroyed a wider ceasefire deal and broke up peace talks in Geneva, was a top priority.
  11. After ISIS Suicide Bombing Attack In Iraq, Samawa Death Toll Expected To Grow
    Islamic State group suicide bombers have claimed responsibility for two car explosions that killed at least 32 people and injured 75 others in the southern Iraqi city of Samawa. The bombings represented a rare attack by the Sunni group against the mainly Shiite southern provinces where Samawa is located.
  12. Malia Obama College Choice: First Daughter Will Attend Harvard University In 2017
    While the Republican and Democratic parties have been internally warring about who will represent them in the November election, first daughter Malia Obama has been making a decision about what to do this fall. And unlike the politicos, she's made her choice: The White House announced Sunday that she'll be attending Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She will start college in fall 2017 after taking a gap year. 
  13. Chemical Weapons In Syria: Global Watchdog Looks To Prevent Attacks From Terror Groups
    As 92 percent of the chemical weapons stockpile in the world has been destroyed, an international watchdog has focused on preventing the use of such weapons by terror groups, particularly in Iraq and Syria, the Associated Press reported Sunday. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is set to begin its annual conference Monday by focusing on the threat coming from terror groups instead of risks from hostile nations.
  14. Ted Cruz Warns That Donald Trump Nomination Will Hand White House To Hillary Clinton
    U.S. presidential candidate Ted Cruz made a plea to the California Republican Party on Saturday to line up behind him in the state's June primary in his uphill battle to stop front-runner Donald Trump from grabbing the nomination. At the same party convention that was the backdrop for chaotic protests against Trump Friday, Cruz tried to woo party members with support for their longtime issues, such as lower taxes and a harder line on immigration.
  15. Puerto Rico Debt Crisis: Entrepreneurs Hope To Reinvent Island’s Economy Despite Looming Defaults
    Angiemille Latorre said she’s no stranger to crisis. When she launched her design consulting firm in Puerto Rico eight years ago, the global economy was plunging into the worst downturn in recent history. Now in Puerto Rico, another crisis is unfolding as the government struggles to pay its $72 billion of debt. Yet Latorre’s firm is booming as she adds new corporate clients across the island and beyond.
  16. Warren Buffett Isn’t Worried About Donald Trump Winning The White House
    Warren Buffett said Saturday that his company, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., is poised to do well no matter who wins the White House in November, and the billionaire investor defended the performance and tactics of the conglomerate's several large investments.
  17. National Barbecue Month 2016: Best BBQ Recipes, Freebies And Deals For May
    It’s almost summertime, and the grillin’ is easy! May kicks off National Barbecue Month, and what better way to celebrate than to cook outdoors and slather on your favorite BBQ sauce? And if you’re not much of a chef, don’t sweat it. Local barbeque joints will be offering a slew of free or reduced-price goodies for the entire month. Deals and Steals
  18. Are Legacy Preferences Affirmative Action For White Students? How Supreme Court Case Could Influence College Admissions
    If it's black and orange, Archana Pradhan has it in her home. She may have graduated more than two decades ago, but her love for Princeton University and its merchandise just keeps growing. Pradhan lives three miles away from the New Jersey campus, attends class reunions every five years and does alumni interviews with Princeton applicants. So when her daughter Ashlyn decided to become a Tiger herself, Pradhan was overjoyed — and not completely surprised.
  19. Iraq Protests Update: Supporters Of Iraqi Shiite Cleric Camp Outside Parliament, PM Calls For Rioters To Be Punished
    Supporters of the outspoken Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr gathered inside Baghdad's Green Zone Sunday, a day after they stormed Iraq's parliament. The protests — demanding a vote on overhauling the government amid growing anger over corruption — continued as Iraq's prime minister reportedly called for rioters to be pursued and punished.
  20. Brussels Airport Departure Hall Reopens For The First Time After March Attacks
    Brussels Airport reopened its repaired departure hall Sunday for the first time after the terror attacks on March 22, the Associated Press (AP) reported. The airport had resumed some flights earlier but a temporary check-in tent was used by passengers due to the ongoing repair work at the departure hall.

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