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  1. Nazi Coding Device Sold On eBay For $14 To Museum Studying Hitler’s Secret Messages
    An eBay user in England scored one of the best deals in history this week when he paid $14 for a vintage machine used by officials under Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler.
  2. Two People, Including One Suspect, Dead In Houston Shooting: Police
    This story was updated at 4:08 p.m. ET. A gun battle erupted in west Houston late Sunday morning, leaving two people dead and six wounded, and forcing authorities to issue a shelter-in-place order as residents prepared for Memorial Day festivities, authorities said on Sunday.  Two suspects were involved in the shooting, and one of them is believed to have shot and killed the other, Houston Interim Police Chief Martha Montalvo told reporters. 
  3. Suspected Militant Attack In Mali: UN Peacekeepers Killed In Ambush
    At least five U.N. peacekeepers were killed in Mali in a suspected militant attack Sunday, Agence France-Presse reported. The attack came less than two weeks after five peacekeepers were killed May 19 when their convoy hit an explosive device. and they were ambushed by militants.
  4. Chiraq: Gun Violence Picking Up On Chicago Highways; City Known For Al Capone Facing Long Hot Summer
    Chicago officials have been fighting the city’s Al Capone image for decades, but escalating violence promises to destroy those efforts.
  5. How 4 Words Rewrote Bayer-Monsanto Deal Script
    "There is nothing there." Monsanto Co. President Brett Begemann uttered those words last week to a small group of investors and a Reuters reporter when asked how the world's largest seed company he helps lead might fit with German drugs and crop chemicals group Bayer AG. Those four words, said on the sidelines of a New York conference, set off a series of events leading to the disclosure of Bayer's confidential, $62 billion bid for Monsanto, the largest all-cash corporate takeover offer on record.
  6. China Business News 2016: Moet Hennessey Produces New Fine Wine In Rural Chinese Region
    Burgundy, the Napa Valley, Chianti and... Adong? The best new wine capital of the world may be in China, if Moet Hennessey has anything to say about it. The French luxury brand has made a name for itself throughout the world for its champagnes — like Moet et Chandon or Dom Perignon — and its Hennessey cognac. The company has now set its sights on China, looking to produce a new fine wine in a rural area in the southwest of the country.
  7. Election 2016 Update: Marco Rubio Says He’d Be A Bad Choice For Donald Trump’s Running Mate
    Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., on Sunday ruled himself out as a possible vice presidential candidate, saying presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump deserves a running mate who more fully embraces his positions. On the Democratic side, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders declined to say whether he would be interested in the No. 2 spot if he cannot wrest the party’s nomination from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  8. ISIS Selling Sex Slaves Online? Terrorists Appear To Use Facebook To Trade Women
    In an attempt to score much-needed funds, the terrorist organization known as the Islamic State group or ISIS may have begun selling its sex slaves online, according to the Washington Post. The Sunday report comes as human rights groups and terror watchdogs have increasingly advocated on behalf of the women held as slaves by ISIS.
  9. Hollywood Stars Are The Toast Of The Booming Booze Industry
    LOS ANGELES — When jockeying for space at a crowded bar, it’s good to have a movie star in tow.
  10. Memorial Day 2016 Facts: 13 Things To Know About The History, Origin Of The Holiday
    Before you start drinking for Memorial Day, take a moment to learn the history behind the observance. It’s more than just a long weekend full of barbecue — it's a patriotic holiday intended to honor the Americans who have protected the country.
  11. John F. Kennedy Quotes: 14 Sayings By JFK On His Birthday
    John F. Kennedy was one of the most beloved presidents in United States history. The youngest president ever elected, he was born on May 29, 1917, and was 43 years old when he was inaugurated in 1961.
  12. Europe Refugee Crisis: Over 700 Migrants Feared Dead In Shipwrecks Off Libyan Coast, UN Says
    Over 700 migrants and refugees are feared dead in three shipwrecks in the Mediterranean south of Italy this week, the United Nations' refugee agency told the Associated Press (AP) Sunday.  The ships capsized as hundreds tried desperately to reach Europe in rickety smuggling boats.
  13. Turkey’s New Prime Minister Wins Vote Of Confidence In Parliament
    Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim's government on Sunday won a vote of confidence in parliament as well as approval for his legislative program, parliament speaker Ismail Kahraman said. Yildirim is a close ally of President Tayyip Erdogan and a co-founder of the ruling AK Party. He was declared prime minister after he was elected as the new leader of the AK Party at a party congress. Yildirim's appointment marks another step in Erdogan's plan to create a full presidential system in Turkey.
  14. ‘Racist’ Chinese Detergent Commercial: Qiaobi Manufacturer Apologizes After Social Media Backlash
    A Chinese firm issued an apology Saturday over its detergent advertisement that has been met with accusations of racism and cultural insensitivity. The manufacturer of Qiaobi reportedly said it strongly opposed and condemned racial discrimination, and apologized for the controversy caused due to the commercial.
  15. US-Led Coalition Soldiers Seen On Frontline Of New Kurdish Offensive In Iraq
    Servicemen from the U.S.-led coalition were seen by a Reuters correspondent near the frontline of an offensive launched on Sunday by Kurdish Peshmerga forces in northern Iraq that aims to retake a handful of villages from Islamic State east of their Mosul stronghold. The servicemen were seen loading armored vehicles outside the village of Hassan Shami, a few miles east of the frontline. They told people present not to take photographs.
  16. Venezuela Government, Opposition Meet With Mediators In Dominican Republic
    Venezuela's opposition and top government officials said on Saturday they met with a group of mediators in the Dominican Republic to lay the groundwork for a dialogue amid a political standoff and a deepening economic crisis. The OPEC nation is suffering a severe recession due to low oil prices and a collapsing socialist economic model. President Nicolas Maduro is locked in a standoff with the legislature after the opposition won a sweeping majority last year.
  17. France Labor Reform Update: Finance Minister Michel Sapin Says Government Will Stand Firm Amid Growing Protests
    France's Finance Minister Michel Sapin said Saturday that the government will stand by its plan to overhaul labor rules despite street protests and strikes that have paralyzed the nation. Sapin's comments came during an interview with Reuters and three European newspapers.
  18. Sun Pharma Gets US Subpoena Over Generic Drugs Pricing
    The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) has subpoenaed India's largest drugmaker Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd seeking information about the pricing and marketing of the generic drugs it sells in the United States, the company said on Saturday. The DoJ's antitrust division has also asked Sun Pharma's U.S. unit for documents related to employee and corporate records and communications with competitors. The subpoena comes amid a wider probe by U.S. regulators into steep increases in the prices of generic medicines in recent years.
  19. Banned In Pakistan: Condom Ads That Incite Curiosity In ‘Innocent Children’
    You know that uncomfortable moment when you are watching TV with your family and suddenly, an ad for Trojan or Durex shows up on the scene and your pre-teen daughter or son wants to know why ribbed is more pleasurable, or what exactly was being advertised? Well, if you are in Pakistan, you needn’t worry about such a thing happening; the Muslim-majority conservative nation has banned all ads for condoms and all other contraceptives and birth control measures from airing on prime time TV and radio.
  20. Trump ‘University:’ Judge Orders Release Of Internal Documents To Know More About Trump’s Failed Business
    A U.S. federal judge overseeing a lawsuit filed against Donald Trump ordered the release of internal documents of Trump University, a defunct online education program co-founded in 2005 by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. The documents reportedly include "playbooks" regarding running the enterprise and how to sell programs to customers.

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