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  1. No, Britons Were Not Frantically Googling ‘What Is The EU’ Hours After Brexit Vote
    The reaction to the U.K.’s shock vote to leave the European Union has been pretty extraordinary. The Prime Minister has announced plans to resign. The Labour party is imploding. The pound is in freefall.
  2. Supreme Court Abortion Ruling 2016: Texas Law ‘Undue Burden,’ Struck Down By Court
    The Supreme Court struck down a Texas abortion law Monday that advocates argued made it more difficult for women to receive an abortion. The court ruled the law placed an undue burden on women. The court's opinion is available online here. Justice Stephen Breyer authored the court's opinion, in which it ruled 5-3. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote a concurring opinion in the case, while Justices John Roberts, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito all dissented.
  3. Five Stocks To Watch Monday: JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), Goldcorp Inc. (GG) And More
    Britain’s vote last week to abandon the European Union sent markets into a tailspin, and trading in Europe Monday indicated that the pain was not yet over. Shares of British banks, including RBS and Barclays, dropped by double digits, touching levels not seen since 2009.
  4. Is Bernie Sanders Dropping Out? Press Secretary Symone Sanders Leaves Campaign
    While you were obsessively reading Brexit coverage and watching "Game of Thrones" this weekend, Bernie Sanders' campaign took another hit. Symone Sanders, formerly the Vermont senator's national press secretary, told Fusion exclusively Sunday she'd left his presidential campaign of her own volition.
  5. Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren Rally Live Stream: Watch Potential Vice President Choice With Presumptive Democratic Nominee
    Democrats on Monday morning finally get to see a pairing many on the left have been talking about for months. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is scheduled to join presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton onstage at a rally in Cincinnati. 
  6. Is US Navy Railgun Electromagnetic Cannon Cost Too Expensive? Despite Drawbacks, Officials Tout New Weapon
    A new high-tech weapon designed for the U.S. Navy could be a game-changer during a conflict, but at what cost? Manufacturing the railgun electromagnetic cannon fetches a significant fee, but defense officials have said its potential benefits far outweigh the negatives, Defense News reported.
  7. Shark Attacks 2016: Boy Attacked In North Carolina After Record Setting 2015
    An 11-year-old boy was bit by a shark as he surfed off the coast of North Carolina over the weekend, making him the second shark victim this summer after a record breaking year in 2015. The boy was taken to a hospital Saturday with what authorities called “deep wounds” to his left foot. The wounds were not life threatening, according to Fox News. The beach was not evacuated.
  8. Philippines’ President-Elect Duterte Ready To Lock Horns With Catholic Church Over Contraception
    Philippines’ President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said Monday he would promote artificial birth control in the country even if it means getting in a fight with the Catholic church, a dominant force in the country that strongly opposes the use of contraceptives.
  9. Pear-Shaped Nucleus Could Dash Time-Travel Hopes, New Study Claims
    Scientists based in Scotland have discovered that the nuclei of some atoms are not symmetrical, challenging some of the fundamental concepts of physics that explain our universe. “We’ve found these nuclei literally point towards a direction in space. This relates to a direction in time, proving there’s a well-defined direction in time and we will always travel from past to present,” Marcus Scheck from the University of the West of Scotland  told BBC News.
  10. Google Building Its Own Smartphone To Take Back Control Of Android: Report
    Google plans to develop and build its own smartphone before the end of the year, according to sources speaking to the Telegraph, to help take back control of its mobile operating system, Android, from manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei.
  11. After Brexit Vote, EU Negotiations: Why UK Would Start Trade Talks With Serious Handicaps
    When British voters headed for the European Union's exit door, they triggered a process whose contours are largely unknown. But one thing is for certain: It will entail a complex set of negotiations in a highly politicized atmosphere in which the successor to Prime Minister David Cameron will have to wrangle a new deal from the other 27 EU member states.  Here are three challenges Britain will face as it extracts itself from the EU:
  12. Italy Says Brexit Is Great Opportunity for Europe
    Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi told parliament on Monday that Britain's vote to leave the European Union could be a "great opportunity" for the rest of the bloc to make long-needed changes. Speaking before flying to Berlin to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, Renzi said the EU must now focus "a bit more on social issues and a bit less on bureaucratic ones." The referendum outcome strengthened the arguments for reform that Italy had often put forward to its partners, and these now had a greater chance of success, Renzi said.
  13. Dow Jones Industrial Average Slumps Again As Investors Absorb More Brexit Shock
    This story was updated at 10:35 a.m. EDT. Wall Street fell sharply Monday, extending Friday's huge losses, in the aftermath of a shock vote by Britons to leave the European Union.
  14. Earth May Have Had More Than Two Magnetic Poles A Billion Years Ago
    The fact that our planet is surrounded by a magnetic field — which acts as a protective blanket against harmful solar radiation — is what makes life on Earth possible. Without it, Earth’s surface would have been continuously bombarded by cosmic radiation through its 4.5 billion-year history, instantly frying all but the hardiest of microbes.
  15. John Oliver Blasts Results Of Brexit Referendum, Warns US Could Be Next
    Comedian John Oliver had warned that Britain voting to leave the European Union in the Brexit referendum would be a "disastrous mistake." Suffice to say, he was not happy with the outcome.  Oliver's home country voted to leave the EU by a vote of 52 percent to 48 percent in Thursday's referendum. On HBO's "Last Week Tonight" Sunday, Oliver blasted his compatriots for not heeding his advice. 
  16. India Now A Member Of Exclusive Missile Technology Group MTCR
    India on Monday joined the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), an exclusive group of countries that control exports in missile technology. This is India’s first entry into a multilateral export control regime. Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar signed the instrument of accession to MTCR in the presence of France’s Ambassador-designate Alexandre Ziegler, Netherlands’ Ambassador Alphonsus Stoelinga and Luxembourg’s Chargé d’Affaires Laure Huberty.
  17. Airbag Rupture In Honda City Possibly Led To Death Of Malaysian Woman, Officials Say
    A Malaysian woman died after the airbag in her Honda City ruptured in a minor collision over the weekend, a safety official said Monday. The 44-year-old woman was found in the driver seat with injuries to her chest from an item protruding from the center of the steering wheel, and the driver’s front airbag was found ruptured, local daily the Star reported.
  18. Omar Mateen’s Gun: How Sig Sauer Cashed In By Selling Assault Rifles To Civilians
    In 2004, Sig Sauer was on the brink of collapse. The New Hampshire weapons firm, which built the assault rifle used in the June 12 massacre in Orlando, Florida, was well known for high-quality handguns. But sales were flatlining. "It was a company on the verge of bankruptcy and about two seconds away from imploding," company CEO Ron Cohen recalled in a 2010 profile in Management Today.
  19. Goldman, Bank Of America Cut Sterling Forecasts
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs cut their near-term forecasts for sterling to just below current levels on Friday, both saying that further losses after last week's shock Brexit vote may be limited by the end of this year. After the biggest daily fall in the pound in modern history on Friday, both U.S. banks were forced to slash their forecasts for the rest of 2016, in BAML's case by almost 30 cents.
  20. Oil Prices Steady After Brexit Vote, But Refined Products Glut Looms
    Oil prices steadied on Monday as market participants better absorbed the shock of last week's vote in Great Britain to leave the European Union and as analysts said Brexit would have a limited impact on global fuel demand. Brent crude futures were up 17 cents at $48.58 a barrel by 0844 GMT. U.S. crude was up 2 cents at $47.66 a barrel.

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